Which shell is the best one?

I started learning little bit on UNIX, as I have no UNIX background.(I am still waiting for some one to guide me for my query, please see my earlier posting.).
The problem is that there are many flavours of shell scripts, which one is the most common and "wise" to learn? Also, could some one tell me as it is kind of pre-requisite to have a good knowledge of C language to learn shell programming? And lastly, can we have shell in Linux?

(1) All UNIX environment have shells, including Linux.

(2) C programming is not required for shell programming.

(3) There is no 'best shell', just like there is no 'best icecream'. Which shell you use is simply a matter of personal choice. C, KORN (K), BORNE (SH), BASH, etc. they all provide command line access to the UNIX environment.

(4) I use ksh (korn shell) today and have for 15 years. I like ksh shell features and power.

(5) I use vi on the command line in ksh to increase spead and power on the command line.

And I'm a TCSH guy.
I think it and its ancestor CSH are more popular then KSH.
Anyway I use it for 10 years , and love it's command line EMACS style keys :slight_smile:

It really is a matter of taste and probably what you got used to on the first time...