Where can i get a copy of Unix or Linux?

where can i get a free copy of unix? any kind...


If you have a fast network connection, recommend you go to http://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/ . Look in the 'distributions' directory and pick one. Slackware is easy to download using the WGET utility.

you have asked for unix there a very little(or none) free treu-unix distributions but bsd and linux looks extremly much at unix. freebsd (is a bsd version the most user friendly version they sayed at in the book but it still isn't user friendly ) is a unix clone (less or more, it has unix code in it). and linux had been build from a scratch with the same free standards where unix is made from ( i completly forgot which three). but the biggest different between unix computers is the kernel. All the other commando's are more or less the same. But if you start with unix, start with linux that are the easiest to understand distrobutions. I it is you first "unix" computer try suse linux or redhat linux those are the most easy to install.

www.suse.com for suse linux homepage you can find a place where you can download suse there
www.redhat.com for the redhat homepage you can find a place to download redhat there.

in a good local computer shop there is a good chance that you can find linux there. the best way to learn it is to buy it and if you don't know anything read it in the book with is with it.

www.linux.com for many information over linux
www.freebsd.com for many information about bsd

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im looking for an IBM based unix linux whatever cause i have windows and i want unix but i know i can have both unless i change the perfences but i have dos also so i have to split my drive? but where is the copy to run on a IBM computer like a pentem 3 a free version of unix also im not buying #@$!!!!

if you are looking for a free linux version that works on a i386 (ibm ps/2 compatibel) then download it by www.suse.com
or linux.tucows.com and you can also download freebsd by www.freebsd.com

allmost all linux distributions are working on a i386 (amd k6-2 or amd athlon or intel pentium III or any intel or any amd. ) (ibm ps/2 compatibel)
why i do not give exact url's because i don't where you live and what server is in you neighbourhood. i can give you a server in the netherlands that's veryfast for me but maybey slow for you.

Copies of unix can be purchased for around $60 at the following url's (The $60 covers the cost of the media)
They can also be down loaded for free.

SCO Openserver 5.06 or Unixware 7


SUN / Solaris 8

At both locations you can download or purchase Unix.
Both version will aslo run on Intel.

I hope this helps.

PS SCO and SUN are both full featured system v unix distributions.