using find command only in current directory

I am trying to use the find command to find files in the current directory that meet a certain date criteria.

find . -type -f -mtime +2

However, the above also checks the directories below.
I tried -prune , but that seems to ignore this directory completely.

I read about using -path w/ -prune , but -path is not recognized by my system. Neither is -maxdepth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


from the GNU find man page:

Thanks for the response.
However, as I mentioned in the initial posting, the -maxdepth does not seem to work on my system. See Below:

find . -maxdepth 0 -type f -mtime +2

find: 0652-017 -maxdepth is not a valid option.

Other ideas?

Or am I doing something wrong?

When I man find on my system, maxdepth is not shown...I only knew about it from searching around UNIX sites on the net.

Thanks again,

You may not be running GNU utilities. When I work on differnet flavors of UNIX like systems (HP-UX, Solaris) one of the first things I do is set up a development environment to compile GNU utilities for the platforms. The GNU compiler can compile for just about every OS on this planet (and maybe other planets!) You might find it faster to just build a GNU version of find (and then you will be set up for other builds in the future too!!)

The first challenge in this approach is to install a GNU C compiler for your platform. This can be trickly for newbies. However, if you can 'get through it', the rewards are great and very worthwhile.

Perhaps someone else will have a better reply if you state the exact version of find (and the platform).

I am working on AIX version 4.3.

I do not know that I can do what you suggested. I work for a very large company...don't know that I can just install things (I've only been here a few weeks).

Will try contacting the UNIX system admins (as soon as someone tells me who they are!) :slight_smile:



Normally large companies will let qualified people set up a server to compile GNU utilities. This is normally done on a non-production development environment. However, if you are not the administrator, they may not like GNU or have other restrictions. These restrictions can really decrease productivity in most shops

However, senior UNIX folks can usually develop a good configuration management plan and show the cost-benefits of building a cross-platform GNU development environment. This is especially true if your shop has many different flavors of UNIX (linux, hpux, aix, etc.)