uninstall command

I am trying to uninstall some software from a system running Compaq Tru64 UNIX v4.0e (was Digital UNIX). I can't find the correct "uninstall" command. I've tried uninstall, pkgrm, removepkg unsuccessfully. Does anyone know the command? Specifically, I had a problem with the installation of the Client Agent for Arcserve2000, and want to start over.

You might be able to look at the original software distro' and see if the distribution has any deinstall documentation or scripts.

You could search the file system and find out which directory the product was installed.

I'm replying to my own inquiry - is that legal? :slight_smile:

The answer is use the setld command with the -d option to remove software installed in the Digital UNIX 4.0e environment:

# setld -d UAGENT

...where UAGENT is the name of the software subset I'm looking to remove.

Your reply is not only legal, it is highly encouraged. When folks find the solutions to there puzzles, please share with the forum so others may benefit.

Thanks bscottiii !