Sun Os 8

Does anyone know how to change the network settings (ie DNS, static to DHCP) settings in Sun Os, or any unix system for that matter.

<P>If you want to move from static IP address assignment to dynamic assignment using DHCP, you must have access to a DHCP server or service. After you setup or access the server, you must have a DHCP client program which will talk to the DHCP server and get an IP address. The DHCP client process will write the IP address(es) to a file or environmental variable which will be used by the ifconfig() command to set up the interface.</P>

Where do I use the ipconfig program. I know I can use dhcp, all I need to do is know where to excecute that program, and will it let me configure my dns and toggle static to dhcp

hope that clears it up a little


There exists a series of boot scripts in all UNIX-like operating systems which do these sort of housekeeping functions during boot-time. For example, on our Slackware Linux servers, they are in /etc/rc.d directory.

<P> There are similar directories on your platform, but I can't remember the names off hand. If you get them, please post so we will have in the knowledge base for others. Or perhaps someone reading this will respond?</P>