shell or admin fires the db

Q for the admin guys,
When the server (Spark) is rebooted does a shell starts database, connection to database, and etc or would have to be the administrator log on as database admin and start the database?
If it starts from the shell how would the script look like since the dba has access to the shells for database?
Thanks for you feedback, gp

Most servers are configured so the services are initiated and started when the system boots. This happens in the boot scripts. These boot scripts excute in a logical sequence insuring that the operating environment is setup properly. For example, check local filesystems and the mount them; start networking services; mount networked filesystems; start database services; start network services.

For example, many people on the net use apache with PHP and MySQL. Because they they run applications with Apache/PHP that use MySQL as the database backend (like this site) you would start MySQL before Apache. All of this occurs in the boot resource directory (/etc/rc.d/ on my systems, every major flavor of UNIX has a different way to do this) but the idea is the same.

Sorry, I would like to add more, but have to run to a meeting.