RAID command

Hi there,
could someone please tell me, what the command is called, that does the calculations which help the system to fill gaps, resulting out of loss of discs, in RAID5?!
Thank you in advance,
(something like ...all?!)

Sounds like you might be asking for the <B>fsck ( )</B> command. On linux systems using the ext2 file system it is <B>e2fsck ( )</B>. These commands are used to repair broken file systems.

Your question is somewhat fuzzy, so this reply is just a wild guess based on your use of the term 'gaps' relative to the filesystem. Sounds like you are seeking a utility to repair the file system, like <B>fsck</B> ?

Hi Neo,
the term i was thinking of was a different one, but your answer showed me, that i misunderstood the actual problem.
thank you for your helpful answer!