Need Memory

Can someone please tell me where I can purchase 128mb
EDO DIMMS for a Solaris UltraSparc II?

Thank you

Seems obvious I know, but have you tried <A HREF=""></A>?

You might also try <A HREF="">Kingston</A>.

I can also recommend eBay. Go to eBay and do a key work search for Solaris and memory (or whatever keywords work for you) and see what is shaking on eBay.

Also, on eBay, don't forget to look at the previous sales to see what the going price is. One of the beauties of eBay is the fact that you can see what other items have been selling for, both high and low, and make a good bidding decision. Don't forget to figure in shipping costs and always buy from someone with an established feedback.

We purchase 95 percent of our hardware and software on eBay and have been very happy with the quality of items and savings. For our Linux platforms, purchased great PC133 memory (256MB, unbuffered, gold leads, 7ns etc.) for under $70 each. Works great! You may be able to find memory for Solaris on eBay (either being sold or old sales.)