Max number of concurrent processes

OS - Sun OS7
What sources can I go to to figure out what is the maximun number of processes for OS7 with 2GB of memory.
I believe it is 64K processes, but this number reflects resources being swaped.

    Any help is appreciated


Sorry, can't imagine why anyone would want to configure a UNIX kernel for more 64,000 concurrent processes.

What you are basically saying is that an administrator
could do a 'ps -aux' command to look at the process table
and would see 64,000 processes!

With the inexpensive price of CPUs, memory, disks, etc.
this is simply not a practical way to set up any platform.

But,to answer your question, albeit indirectly, there are normally formulas for kernel parameters associated with the OS. You can't just 'increase processes' without lowering another value i.e. 'file descriptors' or perhaps other kernel parameters (don't have the formulas handy, sorry).

The README files in the kernel configuration directory tree should have the formulas. Could you post these formulas?