Mailx and Elm

I am trying to send mail from Unix (HP9000) to Exchange mail system. I need to send the file as an attachment. I am using uuencode to encode file as ASCII, but can't seem to get to over to Exchange as an attachment. I have tried both elm and mailx. I know I've done this before, but can't remember how??? Need some help....

What, specifically, is the problem? In other words, what happens when you try it using elm? Using mailx? Error messages, mail bounces?

When sending the file via mailx, I receive NO errors. It's just the file is NOT received as an attachment. Instead, the uuencode file is part of the body of the email. The synatx I'm using is mailx -s "Subject" < uuencode_file.

The syntax:

mailx -s "Subject" < uuencode_file

has no flags to tell the mailer to send the file as an attachment and sends the file as message text. This is the normal behavior of both elm and mailx. Sending attachments is a MIME function, so you must set the MIME-type in the message header to make this work.

You can try the following command -
mpack -s 'subject' file emailaddress
This sends a text file as an attachment.