J need help to make callback by Modem (AIX)

Are there any of you who have a description which can
help me to make a callback on AIX.

My user�s call in by a telefonnumber at I want AIX to
disconnect the line and make a callback to the user
who had logged on AIX.

The advantage of this is we have security on who we allow to call our AIX by telephonenumber.

Modem is connect on tty1 and we have a standard hayes compatible modem.


As I recall, callback features on modems are generally features in the modem and not in the OS. So, if your modem is callback capable, then you set this up using modem commands. This is the only way I have set up call back in modems, BTW. This is also more secure. You don't want the OS involved in callback if you can do it another way. In other words, it is good to make the modem the gate vs. the OS. So, I've only done this with embedded modem commands.

Perhaps others have done this in with platform scripts?

Replace your getty program for the modem with "mgetty". It works on AIX and supports callback features.