is this the UNIX operating system board? TOTAL NEWBIE

I'm trying to find information to help me switch to UNIX os from Windows98. Is this where I should be? If so, can someone get me started? I have a Compaq Presario 5030 with a USR 56k modem and other peripherials. Sound card is integrated onto the motherboard (I think). So, I need drivers, etc. Any help would be appreciated. I certainly don't expect people to search for the drivers for me and hand them over. Just need some pointers on how to find them and any other help you can provide. Thanks.

Many modern UNIX distributions for x86 (PC) platforms include drivers for popular devices. I suggest RedHat Linux as a good starting OS, or Solaris X86. Either can be downloaded if you have a fast connection and some patience or can be purchased on CD with documentation for a nominal fee (suggested).

One good place to start is the documentation and howtos located:

The hardware howto gives most the drivers that Linux supports.