Install Jupyter Notebook on IBM P Series in offline mode?

Hello there !

I need your assistance for a question.

I work on a P9 server with AIX 7.2 and I need to install Jupyter Notebook but this server is on " Offline mode ", it means that I can't ping outside. So I can't use yum or pip ( If I want to make any upgrades, I'm bound to download the upgrade and to push it via scp on the server to run it. ).

I've found this to install Jupyter notebook with offline mode but this tutorial is in the " Installing Surveillance Insight for Financial Services " guide. If you look quickly this guide, you can see that there is the sifsuser user which is required for the Surveullance Insight...

So my question is : do you have any tips to install Jupyter Notebook in offline mode ?

Thanks a lot !

Maybe set up a proxy server at the same host where you scp from now?