How to exit from Linux ?

I installed Linux and I using command - Halt , when I want
to quit my linux but the problem is that i get the following
message on my screen :
the system is halted

and after that i can't do anything -> only to restart
my computer by pressing on BUTTON "restart"
i mean that i can't back to MS-DOS after i leave my linux
in this way

Can i exit ( i mean leave ) from linux to MS-DOS ?? How t make it ?

when you restart the computer you should get LILO Prompt. press tab key to see what command you can use at the prompt. Usually it is 'dos' & 'linux'. Type dos to start windows or type linux to start linux.


When you type <B>halt</B> the OS terminates all processes and prepares the system to shutdown the power. Normally, halt is used before a power shutdown (to add a disk, card, etc.) for any reason.

Normally, if you want to reboot and get the lilo prompt, the command is <B>shutdown -r now</B>, where "r" means reboot and "now" means now :slight_smile: (you could say to shutdown and reboot in 5 minutes, etc., BTW, etc.)

Also, just a word of caution, before typing these commands, it is good to do a <B>sync</B> twice or so. This flushes certain information in RAM to disk, very helpful before shutdown or reboot. Most systems do this as a part of the shutdown scripts, but it is considered good practice to do this from the command line anyway. You will develop a good habit over time of typing sync;sync :slight_smile: