Getting the cc to work on unixmail

I am currently working on a VMS Oracle Forms application that requires mails to be sent from a unix mail box having built up the mail message from some SQL statements which is the mailed to the unix box.
I have it all working mighty fine, including the attachments necessary, but, for the life of me I cannot get it to send to the CC address.

I have the following SQL :-
SELECT 'To: <'||'&var7'||'>'||chr(10)||
'From: '||<snip>

And the To, From and the body works fine, (I use my work
email for '&var7') but it will not send to the Cc address.
Have I got the To,Cc and From in the right order? When I
receieve my mail, it does have the address on the line, but I don't get the mail.
Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

You need to post a copy of a text message with header information after all the SQL statements are done and the message is composed and ready to be sent. It would also be helpful to see the exact command that the UNIX platform is using to send the message.

This is the very top of the text file that is sent from
the vms instance by vms mail to the unix address which
then sends it on.

To: <>
CC: <>
From: Mr A. Wood <>

Kidlington, 21 December 2000

I'm afraid I have had to snip the rest of the file due to
sensitive information.I have tried other combinations - putting the cc after the from but to no avail.

In the vms script this starts the SQL which creates the
letter into a .lis file.


$ uuencode :== $ut_exe:UUENCODE
$ uuencode terms1.pdf
$ APPEND terms1.UUE PTS_M111_EMAIL_9999.LIS
$ MAIL/SUBJECT="Your paper SYNMET 54546 submitted to Synthetic Metals" pts_m111_email_9999.lis ""

The pts.relay address will then forward on the mail using the .lis file top create the To from, cc and header.
This is the first time that cc has been required, but the rest works just fine.

Thanks. Thanks for the header field. Still need the mailer. What mailer is the system using? elm? mailx? sendmail?

I have managed to track down someone that is going to check that the cc part of email is supported in the script that is run, so hopefully I will get some joy from them. Thanks for your help and I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

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Since the UNIX platform sends the message, the UNIX mailer is the key to how RFC822 information (SMTP header information) is parsed. Not all mailers are equal. When you find out what mail is used and where it is being called, this will help you troubleshoot the problem.

There's the're using VMS! :slight_smile:

Certainly wasn't my decision! Its an old system now and is going to be replaced at some point with a nice posh one.