I've downloaded distributed latest build for dnetc, and I think i installed it. Not sure where the excicuteable would be. Any help? i realize this is a little ambigious, so I can allways reintstall it if i know how to put it in a specific directory..

does anyone know if VNC works for the Intel Build of Solaris?

If the name of the file you are looking for is 'foo' (for example) you could find it by trying this command:

find / -exec grep foo {} \;

There are other ways to check for the location of files in the filesystem which are not in your path environmental variables. The example above is just one way.

The distributed.net binaries usually unpack into your current working directory. So, you might, for example, do something like this:

mkdir dnet
cd dnet
<download distribution and save it here>
gunzip dnet*
tar -xvf dnet*
./dnetc -config

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i'll give that a shot when I get back to my office.