Booting in read-only

I just got a couple of Solaris boxes (real old, but free) and one of them is booting and says it is in read only mode. I ran fsck but with no change is there some option on fsck I need to use or what could this be? Thanks for any help

This could be a problem with the root slice..So boot from the CD and try checking ur root slice using fsck.Or there might be a script in one of ur RC directories which boots the os in read-only mode.Write again.

As I recall, mounting disks read-only is a normally a function of the mount command. For example, in the /etc/fstab file (file system table) there are flags which can be used to specify 'read-only' when booted/mounted. You might find your similar file (not sure where it is on Solaris) and check to see the mount flags.

Under Solaris that file would be /etc/vfstab.

Okay, to boot from the cd is there anything special I most do? On pc's you have to adjust the cmos settings, anything for SUN?

Also, I did look at the /etc/vfstab file, but I don't now what would make be read only...Would it be possible to show me an example of the read only setting?

Thanks for all the help to all.

I don't know if this will change anything, but the OS is 4.1.2. I am going to upgrade this but I first need to fix this. Thanks

To boot from the CD, simply put the CD in the drive, as toor type halt to bring you down to the OK prompt (or press "stop" & "a" at the same time). From the OK prompt, type;
boot cdrom