Window and Chat for UNIX

Hi i am new to Unix and i was wondering if you could help me with 2 problems i have?

Firstly i use Telnet to connect to my main server and i want to know how i can use the "window" program?

i understand how it works but i want to be able to easily make new windows and hide the windows i am not using!

i am NOT talking about /window new in BitchX and alike but just typeing "window" from $

my second problem is i want to use a chat program like "talk" but for multiple users, similar to the "com" program, however com is not install, or if it is i cant use it, on are there any other programs i can use for multiple users to chat?

thank you for your time


PS if possible please email any answer/tips you have to ::email removed::


Try reading the man page on window, it explains the commands pretty well. Basically, you can use "Ctrl-P Ctrl-^" to switch between two virtual windows. You might want to look into using screen instead, IMO it is a little easier to use and offers better features. ('man screen' to get started).