where do i heve to start??!!

i spent 10 years working with MS platform...
now i want to start with unix/linux..!!

i want to start with a new machine running unix/linux, without any of MS programs even "Dos"..

how to start with that machine, what are it's specifications; hardware, software and so..


Almost any Intel based PC with normal hardware is supported, check with the individual Linux distributor for specific hardware. Persoanlly, I like RedHat. No MS software or DOS partition is necessary. When installing Linux, choose to partition the entire disk with ext2 formatting. Another option to consider are the new Sun Blade 100 workstations. For ~$1000, they come with a 15 GB disk, 64 bit processor, 128 MB RAM and 48x CDROM. There is tons of free software for either Solaris or Linux.

ok, thanks
but can u provide more details about Sun blade?