Where can I get Unix?

This is probably a very stupid question, but where can I get Unix, or Linux? I want to get either one, I'm not very experienced with either, but I want to check them out. Thanks, and I apologize for my stupidity..

try: http://forums.unix.com/showthread.php?threadid=735

I also need some help with finding Solaris 7or 8. I followed the example shown for the site but still could not find or could not successfully download a copy of the operating system.

Please, someone help me I am new to unix and would also need the documentation to go with the download. Thanks guys.:confused:

You can get the Solaris binaries at:


Read the FAQ on this to ascertain how to get the best out of the free license scheme that Sun Microsystems runs:


Hope this helps.


You can get the intel version here, and docs.sun.com has the documents that you would need for anything (almost)


someone bet me to this answer