Unix Administrators Schooling

I was wondering how everyone has gotten good their training in unix. Did anyone specialize in college/university or take a course at a computer institute.
At my college you can't really sepcialize in unix, there is only 2 courses.
The first unix course is all about shell programming and commands. The final course deals with administration and heavy programming.

I am really starting to enjoy unix and was just wondering some guidance, because I cannot just drop of out school and read books and practice all day at home (which I would love to do). So I am deciding whether to stay in college or not.

Has anyone taken a course at a computer institute, not for those 3-4 day courses but for the 4-12 months type(devry, ics, etc).



I got exposure to Unix in <A HREF="http://www.ucdavis.edu">college</A> by taking programming courses. All the introductory courses such as Pascal, C, C++,etc used a Unix platform. From there I just took it upon myself to learn more. I downloaded (on a 14.4 modem) and installed Linux and taught myself all I could. I found part-time jobs that allowed me to expand my skills. Don't underestimate the power of a college education -- whether or not you focus your studies on Unix or even Computer Science is largely irrelevant, but having a diploma speaks volumes to employers. I didnt want to stay in school either, but am glad I did....

Good luck