Solaris 8

I have a SunClassic, SunStation 1+, and a SunStation 20. I am curious if I can install Solaris 8 on them. At the present time only the first two are complete systems, I have brought the software already but in the documentation it is unclear on which system are able to run it. Also, does anyone know of a site that sales memory for these systems (cheap) besides ebay. Thanks

I know for a fact that it will install on a Sparc 20. I would doubt the SparcClassic and 1+. I beleive I read in the 8 documentation that they were not supported. Try

How much diffences is there between the intel and sparc versions? I am trying to get my cert, but I don't want to spend alot on an old machine if I could just use my pc. Thanks

There isn't that much difference, but some differences exist. I don't beleive you would have any problems learning on the x86 platform.