Rsh command

Newbie here,

I want to add a line to our 3D rendering scripts that will
send an email to the animators once a scene has finished rendering. The 3D scripts are on the client hosts and the sendmail setup on the server.

I tried using a rsh line in the script as follows

rsh root@blah echo "Render Complete" |/usr/lib/sendmail -v

After executing the script it logs in ok but then starts trying to connect to as if it were the mailserver.

When I rlogin to root@blah and execute the command seperately it works fine

Could it be an rhosts problem?

Any ideas would be really appreciated!



The command to be passed to rsh is the whole pipe sequence while your quotes pass just the echo... try

rsh YourServer 'echo "bla bla" | /usr/lib/sendmail -v... '

-- Marco --

Thanks for the 'advice'!