Recommendations for a convert

I'm on my way, I've seen the light and it's not a train at the other end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

What tutorial or manual or reference point(s) would you recommend for an experienced DOS and CP/M type, who wants to learn the command equivalents within Unix?

I have a good understanding of program scripts, execution, directories, operations, etc. on those other operating systems, just need to bone up on the Unix command levels. Example: The old DOS command "attrib" (for read/write assignments) is similar to "chmod" command in unix.

Any ideas/input is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Try this link:

for all the book recommendations posted to this forum in the last year. You can also use the "Search" tool in this forum to look for posts with recommended books/references.

Pxt, you are da man!! I was just getting ready to follow up my own post with some info as I found a perfect starting point at This guy even mentions DOS and starts in on the basics which is really ideal for my reference.

Thanks again. Lot's of reading to do :slight_smile: