mounting across network

Ok I have 3 unix boxes all running Solaris 7 , 2 of them have storeedge a1000s on them. I want a nfsmount from the third system to both the a1000s accross the network. can this be done and if so how. i want to remote mount these so i can transwer data faster and easyer for backups.

'export' the filesystem on one machine, and 'mount' it on the other.

since you are using Solaris the command should be 'share' instead of 'export', if i am not mistaken.

To share /whatever on the host nfsserver, execute;
share -F nfs -o rw /whatever

If you want to share read only change rw to ro

On the client, execute;
mount nfsserver:/whatever mount_point

substituting mount_point for a directory where you wish to mount /whatever