Ok, so I have got Mac OS X which is UNIX based software I think. Well, I open up the terminal window and it looks just like a unix shell where I can view my whole hard drive. I use it to telnet into my shell account with my ISP.
Without telneting into another account, How do I set up the smtp server to send mail using mail. And can I receive mail using my ISP's pop mail account without telneting into my account?

Thanks for listening to my novice questions.


If you have qmail or sendmail (or some other MTA) installed, you will be able to send mail from your machine. Note that sendmail does not have to be running as a daemon for you to be able to send outbound mail. To receive POP mail install one of the many pop programs such as getpop3, poptart, etc. Search on to find some suitable programs.

Thank you for answering my post. I do have send mail at /usr/sbin/sendmail but do I have to configure it to send mail with my smtp server's name?

When I use the mail program which is there and works when I try and send it this is what comes up after the prompt.

/etc/mail/ line 81: fileclass: cannot open
/etc/mail/local-host-names: Group writable directory


sendmail want / to be group/world unwriteable.

chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail

offcourse you need to be root to do it.