how to edit large files using vi

How to edit large file using vi where you can't increase /usr/var/tmp anymore?

i ran into a problem with vi about 2 months back when i was tryng to edit a file that was all one line and went one for about 7 pages. (using ms notepad) vi couldnt open the file.

i ended up justing cat i beleave to view the file. you could also try breaking the file up if you can.

I beleive gvim will edit large files.

from the vi man pages....

When editing a very large file (greater than approximately 9,070,000
characters), you may get the following warning message: Warning: Tmp
file too large. See vi(1). This does not mean your system has run
out of space in /tmp. It is warning you that vi (i.e. the ex family
of editors) cannot track your changes in the temporary files the
editor maintains during an edit session. The following cautions are
advised: If the editor crashes (i.e. system halts, or accidental
process termination), a preserve file cannot be created and you will
not be able to recover your changes via the recover feature. In
addition, if while editing a very large files and vi fails to come up
in visual mode, do not write this file (:w) since it may be
truncated. You should quit (:q!) and use csplit(1) to divide the
file into smaller pieces.