core files

ok heres a question, :confused: well obviously

i have here my old old motorola system V/88

in my /usr/adm folder i have a file called kernelcore which is 16mb (the computer has 16mb ram too), we believe this is the contents of our ram when the system crashed back in feb last year!
Is it save to delete this file? core files are usually backups for when things crash arnt they?

and another file, pacct is also in the /usr/adm folder, this ones 25mb, someone did mention to me that it might be some kind of accounting thing.

the poor computer only has 500mb hard disk space and we are struggleing to keep 40mb free!

Please help me,

Ian :confused:

I am not familiar with the V/88 system, so I can only guess at an answer....

What are the time stamps on these files? Try running:

ls -la /usr/adm/kernelcore /usr/adm/pacct
ls -lu /usr/adm/kernelcore /usr/adm/pacct

This will show you the last modification times on these files followed by the last time they were accessed (assuming your version of 'ls' uses the standard options, check your man pages). If they havent been used in a while its probably safe to delete them. (Make sure you have a backup just in case!)

well the pacct is actually a process account logging thing, so its been logging everytime someone logs on & off for the past, erm 50 years or so! so that has been /dev/null 'd, was dated 1993 ehheh

as for the kernelcore that was dated 23rd feb 2000 which was also the day when we had to call out engineers to fix the thing, so we are pretty sure thats a backup of the ram when it went down.

Cheers PxT for that date thingy, learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

and the V/88 system is decades old, thats why ive moved the server from v/88 to BSD :slight_smile: hehe