Xwindows/ Xdaemon? help

I have Oracle 8i, running Slackware...I have "X-win32" on my Win2k box, but when I installed Slackware I didn't install the GUI's... Isn't there a xdaemon or something of the sort that I must install first ? So when my Win2K box queries the UNIX box it picks up and says "Hi, gimme GUI" heh.. Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone knows of a site out there that will help me with this... I've already checked the How-To's and such, and came up with nothing, but i'm no pro, so any help would be greatly appreciated



As I recall, you don't have to have X running on your server to display X clients on your remote host (in this case Windows). You must:

(1) Insure that the xserver is running on the windows platform:

(2) Insure the proper security is set up to allow X clients to connect from other machines;

(3) Set the DISPLAY variable to the windows platform (on the slackware platform);

(4) Run the command line for the GUI on the slackware box.

This should start the client and display it on the windows platform. You don't have to have X running on the slackware platform, if you don't want to.

Ok, I see somewhat how to go about doing it now, that you broke it down for me, but I have to be the complete newbie now, cause I don't know what the display is or anything, or how I would go about setting that.. or telling me where to find some of this information? on how to set the "DISPLAY":

$ ./runInstaller

DISPLAY not set. Please set the DISPLAY and try again.
: Operation not permitted

Thanks Neo..


DISPLAY is an environmental variable that is used to tell the X client which X server will host the client. You have to tell the shell when you run the command the IP address and instance in the DISPLAY variable.

Say your Xserver is running (and set up properly) on this host: windoze.mydomain.com, you would simply (in KSH) type:

export DISPLAY=windoze.mydomain.com:0.0

Depending on your shell, this command will vary.

Hope this helps.

Ok, when I have x-win running on the Win2k box, and then ./runInstaller, I get the following:

current locale is not supported in X11, locale is set to CX locale modifiers are not supported, using defaultWarning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfActivate
Warning: ... found while parsing ':<Key>osfActivate: ManagerParentActivate()'
Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfCancel
Warning: ... found while parsing ':<Key>osfCancel: ManagerParentCancel()'
....and so on for about another page ...same thing...
Possible library corruption is what i'm thinking?