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I am an Oracle DBA who has previously worked only on NT machines. I need to install Oracle on an AIX box. This Unix server has only a CRT monitor. The Oracle installation REQUIRES a graphical means of seeing the Unix machine. I've been told that I should telnet from a PC that can display X applications. I don't know what that means. Is there some sort of client that I can install on my Win 98 machine that would allow me to see the Unix box graphically? All advice/info is appreciated in advance.

You can get a product called Hummingbird Exceed which will do what you want on a Windows platform, but the cost may be prohibitive if you will only use it once for the install. Otherwise, another alternative is to find another Unix machine which _does_ have graphics capabilities. Then you could do something like:

graphicshost$ xhost +aix
graphicshost$ rlogin aix
aix$ export DISPLAY=graphicshost:0.0
aix$ ./oracle-install
(or whatever your install program is)


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There are quite a few shareware X server packages that run on Windows now. I searched http://downloads.cnet.com recently and found a shareware X installation that runs on Windows platforms (see below). I installed it and it worked OK. As long as you can install a proper X server on your NT box, you can export the display to that server.

Here is one example from a search on CNET using the words "X server":

We installed:

Worked OK for us. However, we did not need this and recently unistalled it. If you need a shareware X server to run UNIX-based X graphics, try one of these packages on CNET. Some are very highly rated.

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