Win2K & Sygate

My Win2K box is the gateway (Using Sygate) for my Linux box, and for some odd reason, I can't view my webpages that are HOSTED by my Linux box, on my Win2K browser...I believe there might be a certain file on the Win2K box that has something to do with the firewall for the internal computer (The linux box) Any help is appreciated


Can you ping the web server from the came client with the browser? You may just have a routing or IP configuraion problem. This is the first step, insure that you can either ping or traceroute to between the client and the server.

Yea sorry about that, I was just posting in a hurry had to leave..

I can ping the two machines to each other, I can connect with the LINUX box to the internet, and i'm trying to start using apache w/php, and I can't VIEW the server address on my Win2K box with Internet Explorer so I can view the pages I create...

Sound like an Apache configuration problem on your new linux+apache server. Can you open a web page on your new server from any other client?

When you try to access the web page on the linux-apache server, what does the apache log files say? The apache log files will be the key to your troubleshooting apache server.

Ok, I can connect to the page USING the Linux box, I CAN'T connect to the page using the Windows2000 box, but everyone OUTSIDE of my LAN (i.e. friends, can connect to the page...)
The only computer that can't connect to the page, is this Windows2000 machine ( The browser, I can PING the Linux box)

Hmmmm. You might try doing something like a <B> netstat -tcn </B> on the linux box and watch all the network connections to the server. While this is running, try to connect to the server and see if a TCP/IP session between the Win2K client and the linux+apache server is attempted. Let me know and we will go the next step. Sorry to be so tedious, step-by-step.