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I've conducted a search of the board to see if this question had been previously answered to avoid taking up the boards time.

As a New User, would you reccomend starting with C or Unix?

If you are going to learn to program in C you have to decide which platform (OS) you are going to learn on. If you decide to learn on UNIX, then you must learn the basic UNIX commands to navigate the filesystems, execute, change permissions, and edit. You must learn to install files, archive, login, use the linker, use the compiler and more.

Hence, as PxT says, C is a programming language, UNIX is an operating platform. You learn both. If you don't know either, you must learn some basic UNIX commands first before you start to program and edit (if you plan to play on the platform).

In fact, I learned just like you. My first assignment in UNIX was to program in C. I did not know either and learned them both, step-by-step, minute-by-minute. Learning to program in C in the UNIX environment is a great way to get started. Don't forget to try using the UNIX system calls and interprocess communication routines. You are about to enter a world only limited by your imagination.

I read the above idea today researching theory on 'managing complexity' in the rapidly changing world of IT. What a great quote!

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Thank you, I've started in UNIX.

There seems to be some holes covering basic items that the books leave out or assume that we know, and had thought that maybe this had been covered in C.

I'm working through the books and just picked up a couple that had been previously reccomended. Thanks again for your help!