Urgent UNIX problem for newbie!

I think someone hacked my UNIX account and I cannot get back into MY OWN account!!!!!! :frowning: I was wondering if any of the experts here would be able to help me either get back into my account or change my password back to what it was or find out what it is now so I can get back in and change it. All my school and work e-mail is in there and also my assignments and stuff. Please help! I need to get in, in order to work on my labs and tutorials even! I am helpless without it!

Thank you all.

[Edited by Neo on 01-11-2001 at 09:15 PM]

Why don't you try contacting the sysadmin of your machine?
sounds like it is at school, just call your IT help people. If its an ISP, call them.

Agreed. If you are locked out of your school account, the proper procedure is to contact the system admin. To break into the school system because your password is changed or lost is surely against school policy and also against many laws.

If you want to hack, build your own system and hack all you want. When you use a system which does not belong to you, treat the system with respect, as you would expect others to treat you and your systems.