unix upgrade

I am new to Unix but have owned an inventory system and used it for 6 years. It now is maxed out and won't take any more new part numbers. I would assume this is due to hard drive capacity. Is it as easy to upgrade the hard drive and memory on it as is on a normal pc? I would like to just add more memory and a larger hard drive by copy of original drive onto one four times as large and go on with new numbers. Is this poss or is their going to be a partioning problem? Thanks to one and all, Ron

You should be able to add memory easily, just as you would in a PC. The best way to move your data to a new harddrive would be to install the new one and get it recognized by the system. Create your filesystems on it, and then use tar to copy the data. Something like:

(cd / && tar cvf - . ) | (cd /new_mount && tar xvfp -)

where /new_mount has your new root filesystem mounted on it.

You could also use a backup tape to write the data to the new hard disk.