unix to Lotus Notes email attachment

We have been trying to get an email from unix to Lotus Notes to work. We finally got it to work with the following code:
cat filename | uuencode filename | mailx -s "subject title" email address
Now our problem is that Lotus Notes doesn't show the paper clip icon, indicating an attachment is present.
Is there a way to get Unix to do this?
Or is there a better way to code this email statement?

ps. Using sunsolaris v5.6 OS for UNIX.

One way to do this is to manually insert the RFC822 header infomation that denotes the attachment and mime-type of the attachment. For example, this is part of the header that denotes an attachment:

The details are in RFC822, as I recall.

BTW, some mailers use resource files as a way to include header information (for example ~elm/elmheaders) ; some use other methods. There are numerous ways to get RFC822 header information into your files before mailing. Depending on the mailer you chose, the methods could be different.

The way I used to do this was to manually create the header in a script and then append the message test or attachment and send, keeping the header template for the next message, etc.

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Here is a link to RFC822:


Here is a link some MIME information:



Hope this helps get you started.

I guess that I am just ignorant to what your response was. Where do I include this command? I don't know what MIME is either. What is RFC822(reference code 822?) If so, where would I find that?
I appreciate the prompt help though.
Let me know if you can clarify a bit more.