Unix Mail

I am running DESQTOP on an AIX system and have set up a gateway for mail from DESQTOP to UNIX MAIL. I need a way to connect UNIX MAIL to a WINDOWS 2000 SERVER mail. I have very little knowledge of Unix, so any help would be appreciated.

it might just be me. but i seem to have gotten lost in the question.

what is desqtop? never heard of it.

and what do you mean by gateway from an application or a mail daemon? are you just trying to send mail from this aplication?

and what are you trying to do "connecting" a unix mail daemon to a win2000 exchange server?

Desqtop is a program that runs on Universe. It is like Outlook; it does mail to other Desqtop users on the same Unix machine. I set up a program in Universe that will send and receive mail between Unix and Desqtop. Now I have to set Unix up to send and receive mail from a Windows server. That is where I need your help.

sounds like you already have a mail daemon set up.

does that program also send mail to an external address?
if not there is a variety of mail servers for unix. most common ones i know of are.

sendmail sendmail.org
qmail qmail.org

Desqtop only does mail for users on the same Unix box and only with other Desqtop users. I am trying to make it possible to send mail from Desqtop to user on a Windows Server and back again. I have it to where Desqtop can send mail to Unix users and get mail back from Unix users. So the next step is to go from Unix to windows. Do I have to set up a mail server in Unix, because no of my users use Unix mail. Is there an easier way to have mail from Unix sent directly to Windows?

Thanks for the qmail information. If there isn't an easier way then qmail is what we are going to use.

not that i am aware of. you need to have a mailserver setup on the unix machine or it cant send or receave anything external.

i have never set up qmail, but i know quite a few people that are pretty good with it. check inter7.com and talk with kenbo hes pretty slick with that stuff.

also #qmail on efnet (not sure if it is still active but better then nothing)

I do this sort of thing between sendmail and exchange. It may be similar to what your doing.

Exchange operates on the X400 mail basics. Which basically means that it hands the information in the canister like heading to and from the other mailers.

I configure the sendmail.cw and the sendmail.cf files to accept headers with this information, and when sending to apply this type of header too the exchange server.

Otherwise the simpilest idea is to use SMTP to the exchange server. Tell the exchange server to accept SMTP requests from the IP address of your desqtop machine. It will then filter the names as best as possible, but it won't be as pretty as if you used the X400 protocal.