Unix Ingnorant

Its time to make myself more marketable and need to get Unix savey. Any helpfull hints where to start. I need a Unix OS that supports Intel, to intall on my system to get to know and understand how it works. Just got my MCSE/MCDBA certs and cant stop there. Thanks in advance.... Prey

Linux (pick a flavor since few actually agree) or Solaris 8 x86. You can download either for free if you have a fast connection and a CD burner. Most Linux distributions can be bought on CD with documentation for $30-$150 depending on support options. Solaris can be bought from Sun for $75. I personally prefer Solaris and beleive that it is slightly more "marketable".

Hey thanks, I do have a fast connection and a burner. Any place you recommend for the d/l?

To download Solaris 8

or RedHat Linux from http://www.redhat.com/