Unix and Windows on 1 hard disk

I have one hard disk on my computer ( 8 Giga-bytes) and i
installed windows 98 on drive C ( I have 4 drives : C , D , E , F which drive has 2 Giga-bytes space on it )
On which drive ( from 4 drives ) I have a lot data for example : on drive D I store most of my programs which i downloaded from internet .
I want to install Unix too on my computer ,how can i do it
without uninstall windows 98 ( If it possible)

You will have to format one (or more) of the 2 Gb partitions with the proper data structure for the OS. Just move all the data from E or F to C or D. I would suggest starting with Linux, which uses ext2 disk formatting instead of Win98's FAT 32. When you install Linux it will ask you which slice of the disk you wish to install it on, just be careful to select the proper slice. Be sure to install LiLo, this will give the option to choose which OS to boot at each reboot.

Response :
What is it LiLo ? Can I download it ?

LiLo is an acronym for Linux Loader, and yes you should be able to download it from http://www.redhat.com (it will take a while). It is also included in the RedHat distribution which can be purchased for $29 or downloaded for free if you have a fast connection and are very patient. I suggest spending the $29 to support the project and have all the software/documentation on CD. They also include some email/web based installation support in the price.

Response :
I searched for FREE download LiLo on RedHat but I did not
find it . I have enougth fast connection ( and also free
connection ) so before I buy LoLi with documentation
I want to try download it free . Can you write me the
full web-site were i can to download it ?
thanks :slight_smile:


for LILO FTP to:

for documentation:



response :
I opened site :
and there are 7 files which one I have to download ?
Please help me .


you don't want to be worry about LILO, the bootloader; since it is the part of the Redhat installation package. The last step of redhat installation is the installation of LILO. so go for Redhat.

Ftp to ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/redhat-6.2/i386

here you want to go for docs directory and collects all information. such as making Linux boot disk (images/boot.img) etc... its important. read all docs.
read howto's about making room for Linux on the machine which is running windows.

Happy linux