Unix and Solaris differences

hi guys,

I am the newest dumbest person who has no clue of unix and solaris. Could someone help me by telling me what the difference is?


In short, UNIX is a generic term for several operating systems which have similar traits and a common background. Solaris is one "flavor" of UNIX.

Best way to learn about Solaris is to learn Unix, am i assuming this correctly?

Yes, Solaris is UNIX. HP-UX is UNIX. Linux is UNIX. AIX is UNIX. There is no 'UNIX product'. UNIX is a generic term for a multitasking OS built around the open systems philosophy, like Solaris and earlier flavors of UNIX sold by Sun Microsystems.

To know Solaris is to know a lot of UNIX. To know UNIX is to know a lot of Solaris.

thank you for your help....I am off to find weekend classes to learn Solaris..