ulimit on sco release 3.2v5.0.4

How can the ulimit be increased from 2GB without changing the mounted file systems.

All shells that I know of have a built in ulimit command. Just use: ulimit <n>
where n is the max file size (usually given in 512 byte blocks). This does not have anything to do with mounting file systems.

The ulimit command gives a size of 4194303 blocks which is tranlated to a 2GB limit as block size is 512 bytes. If I have to read a single file of size > 2 GB, how do I do it? The -f option does not permit even the root to increase it beyond this. Is there any other way?

[Edited by Neo on 12-22-2000 at 05:22 PM]

Yes. Break the file up into smaller segments and read those segments.