too many linux versions

hi all, im very new to linux, i want to install it on my laptop along side windows nt, there are so many versions of linux, i dont know which one to use, could i get some advice please on which one i should use and how to go about installing it, (do i need a partition ?)

thanx in advance

Yes you will need a partition to install Linux and NT on the same box. As for versions, I prefer RedHat but everyone has an opinion, usually biased by what they have used. To install it you will first need to split your disk, if you aren't familar with this I suggest getting Partition Magic. then boot off of the Linux boot floppy and follow the instructions. The only gotcha is being careful not to format or install over the NT partition. I would backup anything really important. It's really not that hard though.
Good luck :slight_smile:

I use Mandrake but might make a move to Redhat on my desktop I am building. Just not sure yet. Wanting someting that will be around for a long time. I get mixed feelings with the Mandrake crowd.