System Log for Sun Solaris 2.6

G'day. I have some questions on the Sun Solaris 2.6 OS. I would appreciate if you could refer me some write up or information on the following questions.

  1. Terminal Time Out feature ?
  • Is this OS capable of doing this ? If the terminal is idle for a certain time of period. The system should be able to kid out the terminal automatically based on the time frame set.
  1. List of system log (per event) ?
  • Is this OS capable of providing this for the OS and user events log ?
  1. Printing of the system log
  • Is it able to print out the system log if system log is available!
  1. Period change of Password
  • Is the system able to set periodic password change for the system users ?

Thank you.



  1. auto terminal time out : I know telnet windows have a timeout and close after some idle time.
    Donno about what terminal you talk about exactly.
  2. system logs on Solaris 2.6 are under /var for example :
    /var/adm/messages - system messages log.
    /var/log/syslog - the syslogd main logfile - usually inclode sendmail's log too.
    logging of the logon/logoff is available with the 'last' commmand.
    There are many other logs on the system :
    e.g. /var/cron/logs - logs of the crontab.
    user's command history can be kept in some shells automaticaly in .history.
  3. Yes password's termination is a built in feature read man passwd , enter it via admintool or useradd or manually in /etc/shadow. (only if you know what you're doing).

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Thx. Hezki,

It helps a lot!