Support Needed: Education On Hold

I'm Presently Writting A College Report On Operating Systems, Not Enjoying It Very Much.

I Was Hoping Someone Could Direct Me To A Site Where I Could Get Information Such As The Role Of Operating Systems, Types Of Operating Systems (Multi-User Multi-Tasking etc), Modes Of Operating systems (Different Hierarchy's etc), Features Of Operating systems (Instruction Sets etc), Functions Of Operating systems (Memory Management etc).

If Anyone Knows Of Any Good Informative Sites Please Let Me Know.



There are some amazing new tools I just discovered on the Internet. You can research almost any topic! But don't tell anyone, if they get too popular, the government will probably try to shut them down. So, just between you and me:


I've Never Heard Of Yahoo Before, Thanks 4 The Tip.

It took me about 2 minutes to find this:

Especially see this:

which is the home page of one of the inventors of Unix. Very informative info on both the role and functions of the operating system (i.e. reasons for inventing it in the first place)

I suspect your campus library probably has a huge selection of books which would also have all the information you need.