I have just recently installed solaris8 on my box, and got two minor problems: Based on the size of partitions i should have approx 10gigs of mem., but the system registeres 0 space available on my harddrive....That problem results in a slight inability to install any apps... The second problem is that i am unable to power the comp down with "halt" Can somebody offer some input with regards to these annoyances:)
Thank you all in advance

do a df -k and list that output.

What you should probably do is reinstall with
customized partitions. The default that is
provided will cause your /(root) partition to
fill up in no time. What do you have a 10 GB
hard drive? If you do I'd consider using 10%
for root....10% for export home..40%for /usr..
..%40 for /opt. These are just a guess as I don't
know what you're using the machine for. /usr is
where most utilities and programs will default to
when installed. /opt is typically used for
installing other major apps like Oracle. If you
post saying what you use the box for you will
probably get better suggestions.

Sorry...forgot about your second issue.
try using init 0 to shutdown or init 6 to reboot.