Solaris 8

I am trying to get Solaris 8 Intel version to work with my comp, but every time i try to install it, it goes thru detecting my hardware then then when its supposed to fdisk it restarts. What do I do, whats wrong with it. I"m running a Gateway P4 system. Should there be any problem with that???

my professinal guess is....

it prolly dosent like you very much so decided to pack its data and vamose. but im no expert.

Did you check the HCL?

yeah i checked the hcl but it didn't say anything about the problem, I guess i'll just go bsd. I really wanted to get solaris working. Does HP-UX work on pc, intel chips.

Make sure you are using the software #1 cd and
not the installation. Also make sure you have
available disk space for a new partition.

Kam1su2, HP-UX will not work on the 32 bit Intel chipset, at the moment it will only run on HP's own PA-RISC chipset. It will, however, run on the new 64 bit Itanium chip from Intel, but I'm guessing that's going to be out of your price range :slight_smile: