shared memory deallocation

This is on HP UNIX version 11. I have a shared memory segment that is marked for deallocation .... see below

m 521 0x00000000 D-rw-rw---- oracle dba

The D says it marked for deallocation. I tried to do the ipcrm -m 521. The message said it cannot find the segment. I assume because it is already marked for deallocation.

How do I get rid of this ? (other than re-booting) ..

How can I find out what it is waiting on ?

I don't know, off hand, of any way to get rid of the ipc entry except to reboot. This is especially true if the processes that are using the shared memory segment have not released their locks (did not exit or terminate processes cleanly). If you do not have access to the source code, tracking this down could be difficult. You might consider using a system call tracing utility like strace or truss to see if the processes deallocate before exiting.