Services On Unix

Greetings All,

Telnet has stopped working on one of my servers and I need to restart it. But I don't know the command for it in UNIX.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

First check to see if inetd is running:

ps -ef | grep inetd

It should return something like:
root 245 1 0 May 16 ? 0:06 /usr/sbin/inetd -s
chuckb 25229 8836 0 13:31:56 pts/102 0:00 grep inetd

If you don't get something like the top line, (ignore the grep line) you need to start inetd. Rebooting the box would be easiest, if thats not an option what exact OS are you running (Solaris, AIX, Linux, etc)