Serial Ports, wacom tablet under unix


I'm new to the boards and don't know all that much about unix either.

I do have quite a specific question though and i hope someone can help me with it...

i'm going crazy...i've been trying to set up a wacom tablet on my unix box. i've don't it before but it was taken away and the os when i try to do it though i have no success.

i'm having trouble finding anything regarding help with setting up a wacom tablet on a unix system...even if i could be pointed in the right direction it would be a great help...thanx

What vendor and version of Unix are you running? Which platform?

Its HP-UX 10.20

I dont have any experience using Wacom tablets, but HP patch PHSS_21971 appears to provide some kind of Wacom support.

You should be able to find this patch through the <A HREF="">IT Resource Center</A>.