Hi everyone
I export a number of shares from one of my HP-UX machines using samba, however I cannot use the swat (samba web administration tool) at the moment, and I need to urgently add some users.

I know samba references /etc/passwd for users, this isnt the problem they are on the UNIX system, I just need to add them to samba - does anyone know the command line command to add a user? I have looked through the man pages and they just point to swat, I'm hoping there is a command line alternative.

Many thanks for any help.


Try the 'smbusers' file. It is used to map Windows logins to Unix logins. It will be found in your samba installation directory, There should be a man page on it too.

I add users to Samba by editing the smb.conf file, normally located in /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf. This file (configured properly) and proper UNIX accounts will take care of Samba access. I've never used the smbusers command, so I can't comment.

Perhaps my 'crude' way works only because our server has
a limited number of Samba users. The smbusers file seems like something useful for larger user populations. Sorry, I only run Samba for a very small office, me :slight_smile:

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