Running a sh script


I'm trying to run a script that have all the rights
but when i try to run it with the root username or another user it says
NOT FOUND but i can edited and view it, i did chmod 777 to make it exe but still doesnt work. what can i do here?

Thanks in advance

try this

cd /where/script/resides
then type
./ ����(note that ./ )

say if is in ur /home/yourusername directory
then type


Thanks I did try it
but still gave me the NOT FOUND Error

This is what im writing
/u01/app/script/ then hit enter

then it gave me this:

sh: myscript: not found.

this are the details of the file:

I'm login as Oracle
-rwxrwxrwx 1 oracle dba

correction it worked thanks for the help!!1